5 Best Drake Songs 2009

Interested in what the 5 best Drake songs of 2009 are?  Here are songs that you will enjoy if you are a fan or just getting into Drake’s music.  Drake is a breakout artist who is on the rise, and these are some of the first hits that broke him into the mainstream music scene.

  1. “Best I Ever Had”.  This track was one of the biggest for Drake in 2009.  It was a track that could be heard everywhere from a college dorm window to the bars.  It was a catchy track that still gets played.
  2. “Successful”.  This was another one of the tracks that sprung Drake into the mainstream.  It is a track that has been sampled by other artists because of its interesting beat.  Joel Ortiz and Novel has one of the more unique takes on this song with their song “Stressful”.
  3. “Uptown”.  This track was a great song from Drake in 2009.  Not only because it has Lil’ Wayne, Drakes mentor, in it, but because it samples the amazing musician Billy Joel’s song with the same title.
  4. “Congratulations”.  This song is another great song by Drake.  It is one of the best songs by Drake in 2009 because it meshed the up and coming artist Drake with the established rock group Coldplay.
  5. “Unstoppable”.  This track is one to remember for the creative hooks and rhymes.  The title is one that is representing Drake’s career so far and his rise from TV actor to hip hop superstardom.


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