5 Best Drama ‘Rob And Big’ Moments

Many fans of the MTV reality show “Rob and Big" will be familiar with the scenes on the 5 best Drama "Rob and Big" Moments. "Rob and Big" was an MTV reality show detailing the adventures of pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek and his bodyguard Christopher “Big Black” Boykin that ran from 2006 to 2008. Christopher “Drama” Pfaff is Rob’s cousin and was his personal assistant on the show. Drama also appeared in 21 episodes of Rob’s 2009 reality TV show, "Fantasy Factory." These days, Drama is a music producer and owner of his own clothing company “Young & Reckless.”

  1. The Rat. So Rob finds a dead rat in Mini Horse’s water trough. For most people they would throw out the rat and the disgusting moment would be over. Lucky for show viewers Rob is not most people. He starts by slinging the rat at Drama. Drama of course was already running before the rat was air born. He hides in the laundry room. Rob stuffs the rat into the outside handle of the door. Everything is calm when Drama opens the door to look around. He slams it back not noticing the rat. The prank continues for a few door openings until Rob tells Drama to check his phone. Then he sees the rat.
  2. The breast pump. In the last episode of the show, Big breaks the news he will be moving out because he is expecting  a baby. The gang tries to prepare their buddy for his trip into fatherhood by checking out some of the new equipment he will need for his new baby. This includes a breast pump. While Rob was the one with the bright idea to see how it worked. But it’s Drama that steals the moment by saying, “You telling me people really care this around and break it out and start powering sucking milk out of themselves.”
  3. Drama and Mini Horse’s camp out. It didn’t take Rob long to decide that having a barnyard animal (even a miniature one) in his house wasn’t a good idea. Right after Mini Horse joined the family Rob sacrificed his much love skate ramp to build the little guy a pastor and mini stable. The gang was then alarmed that coyotes would hurt poor defenseless mini horse before his pastor was completely built. Drama was nominated to go camp out with Rob’s new furry friend. Mini Horse is known for his attitude and he made it clear he didn’t want Drama protection when he kicked the tent.
  4. Drama gets a real job. In the twelfth episode Rob becomes unhappy with his assistant (and cousin) Drama’s work. He makes numerous threats to get Drama to shape up and even interviews a professional assistant. Nothing seems to motivate Drama so Rob sends him to work at a fast food place for the day. Drama is miserable scrubbing tables and just when you know he is missing the high life, Rob and Big roll through the drive through. They see Drama has learned what a good job he has and Rob instruct him to climb through the drive-thru window and get in the SUV. Drama does and it’s the way so many people wish they could quit their jobs.
  5. Drama’s birthday haircut. Drama is concerned that his hair is thinning around the time of his 21st birthday. Talking with the bald Big didn’t seem to help matters. Rob suggests that they go ahead and cut Drama’s hair so he’s bald only on top just to see how it looks. The pair rag on Drama telling him he will be bald by 25. The torture doesn’t stop there. Rob then plans a trip to Vegas for Drama but before they go he shows Drama the billboard he had created in honor of his birthday. It’s a picture of Drama at 21 and next to it a bald picture that says 25. Rob then talks him into “skipping to 25” and Drama get his birthday hair, which leaves him bald on top and hairy on the sides.
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