5 Best Dress Pants For Men

For the guys who can’t wear their jammies or undies all day long, we present our list of the 5 best dress pants for men. Whether it’s going out to dinner with your girlfriend’s family, going to an interview, or preparing for your funeral, dress pants are a must for just about all men. Remember what ZZ Top said: every girl’s crazy about a sharp-dressed man. So, with that in mind, it’s in your best interests to have at least a couple pair of dress pants that look good and feel good, or at least as good as dress pants can feel. Listed below are a few brands that we consider ideal as far as manufacturers of dress pants for men.

  1. Massimo. This brand offers some pretty nice and affordable slacks. Be warned, though – some of what they offer is wool, so be sure to check the fabric before sticking it into the wash.
  2. Austin Reed. Here’s another nice brand that offers dress pants for men. Overall kinda, sorta reasonably-priced as far as pants go. Austin Reed is actually the economical, bastardized version of more expensive brands like Hickey Freeman and Burberry…so while it may seem kind of pricey by itself, it is fairly cheap compared to its peers.
  3. Dockers. Another name in the world of economical, professional-quality dress pants for men. This brand is great for someone who wants to look dressy and not have to sell their very soul to do so.
  4. DKNY. This name boasts comfort, professionalism, and versatility…so hey, how can you go wrong with something like that? The price is good compared to the cost of their jeans, but if you go with this brand, we recommend the solid black pants. This I only because all the other colors of dress pants for men they offer are really crappy.
  5. Calvin Klein. Great selection, bloody awful prices. A single pair of dress pants from this brand can cost around a hundred bucks! And they’re not gold-plated, they don’t make you invisible, and they don’t vibrate…great quality, but a horrible cost and whether or not they are worth the charge is totally dependent on individual tastes.

A final little tidbit of advice, fellas: if you’re a bit on the husky side, we strongly advise against pleated dress pants. This is just because these pleats will not in any way flatter your figure and may actually make you look larger. Conversely, if you’re scrawny, get pleated dress pants – they’ll augment your body shape nicely.

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