5 Best Dress Shoes For The Money

A good pair of men's dress shoes really defines a man; our five best dress shoes for the money list will narrow down which ones you ought to be wearing. Keep in mind that while these may be pricey, their price is justified by the sheer unmatched quality and craftsmanship alone that you get in return.

  1. Jeffery-West British Chain Stitch Chukka. Put on a pair of these babies and other men will want to copy you while women just may want to date you. Commanding an air of power and stoic design, this pair of dress shoes is geared for a younger male crowd, but still display that stitching and ankle height you'd expect from a serious dress shoe. For more information, go to jeffery-west.co.uk.
  2. Alden American Plain Toe Blucher Oxford. For a more conservative and preppy look, choose Oxfords that are produced by the great American brand, Alden. A New England feature since 1884-yes, they've been in business that long due to banging out quality shoe after quality shoe-Alden features great fits and high-quality materials. These dress shoes are no exception as they make the brand proud. Look for them in more upscale, smaller, and more traditional clothing shops around the country. Visit aldenshoe.com.
  3. Crockett & Jones British Compton. These British imports are now available worldwide thanks to specialty retailers like Barneys in New York. Taking a very, very meticulous eight weeks of construction time (yes, eight weeks! apparently, the Brits like their shoes done slowly and leisurely), Crockett & Jones' Comptons are monk straps that give off a perception of regality. Go to crockettandjones.co.uk.
  4. New & Lingwood British Stamford Loafer. Yet another British entry in our five best dress shoes for the money list, these loafers prove the British own the market when it comes to men's dress shoes. The company makes dress shoes geared decidedly towards an elitist clientele (in fact, in the States, your best bet to buy a pair is only if you can catch New & Lingwood representatives who come only twice a year!), but if you want stylish and sturdy, this loafer is for you. Go to newandlingwood.com for more.
  5. J.M. Weston French Split Toe "New Style." Finally, we have a shoe from the French! France-based J.M. Weston created a rather atypical dress shoe with this one, opting to go for a wildly unique "ace-of-spades" shape in the shoe's design. What this 113-year-old company delivers consistently, however, is sleek, slender, and eye-catching style, and this French Split Toe is all that and more. Check out jmweston.com for more.



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