5 Best Dress Shoes For Standing

What are the five best dress shoes for standing? If your job requires a professional appearance, yet you stand all or most of the day, you realize support and comfort are vital.  Shock absorbing shoes do not have to mean orthotic clunkers. Listed below are dress shoes for standing that are designed to be worn to formal outings as well as work.

  1. Standing Comfort "Stride".  These are a good choice in a shoe that can be matched with a suit, tux, or casual dress. They have a leather upper available in black.,and come with a replaceable insole and a slip resistant outsole. Lining wicks keep moisture away from the foot, making this one of the best dress shoes for standing around water, moisture and spills.
  2. The "Riva" by Florsheim. This is a popular leather model which is hand-sewn for superior quality. Using leather for comfort and breathability makes this one of the best dress shoes for standing.
  3. Shoes For Crews "Executive Wing Tip".   This model is the most popular among the best dress shoes for standing. The padded ankle support on these shoes makes them a superior choice amongst those who have tried them. Slip resistant outsoles with leather uppers give the shoe a classic, professional appearance.
  4. Shoes For Crews "Senator". This shoe is a cap-toed oxford style made of Italian leather with a cushioned footboard for support.  It is available in black or brown with a leather lining, making this another of the best dress shoes for standing. The insoles are removable.
  5. Doc Martens "Urban Ian Oxford". A great option among the best dress shoes for standing, this pair is made of black polished leather with Doc's signature durable soles.



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