5 Best Drew Barrymore Movies

If you are in the mood to watch one of her movies, make sure its one of these 5 best Drew Barrymore movies. Drew Barrymore adds a quirky and flirty appeal to all of her roles. She became a starlet when she was just seven years old. Her characters range from cute little girls to beautiful young women.

  1. "E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial". In this best Drew Barrymore movie, she played the cute and adorable Gertie in this movie that made her famous nearly thirty years ago. Gertie made friends with E.T. and helped him make his way back home.
  2. "Firestarter". Barrymore played Charlie, a 9-year-old girl whose parents underwent test studies while they were in college. Charlie has the ability to start fires by merely thinking about it. Charlie and her father are pursued by a government agency that want to study and then kill them.
  3. "50 First Dates". Lucy Whitmore was in a car accident and lost her short term memory. When she goes to sleep she doesn't remember anything from the day before. She fell in love after he accident and everyday he must make her fall in love with him again.
  4. "Charlie's Angels". In this remake of the popular television. show from the 70's, Barrymore plays Dylan Sanders. Lead by Charlie with a side kick named Bosley, the Angels must find stolen voice recognition software,  
  5. "The Wedding Singer". Drew Barrymore plays Julia, a waitress who is engaged to the wrong man. She falls in love with the wedding singer and he must convince her that she needs to break up with her fiance and marry him.

The many roles that she has played there could have been many additions to the best Drew Barrymore movies. She has grown up on-screen with a series of complex characters under her belt.

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