5 Best Drew Barrymore Sex Scenes

If you’re a fan of her movies (or if you just want to look at her), you might find the list of the 5 best Drew Barrymore sex scenes sizzling. It’s been reported numerous times that Barrymore has no issue with sex scenes and it’s also obvious in her movies. Every scene does have nudity but some of them are brief. Others like her bare breast in "Boys on the Side" go on for a while.

  1. Poison Ivy (1992). Barrymore plays Ivy, a seductive teenager, who befriends Sylvie Cooper, Sara Gilbert. Ivy then makes herself very at home by seducing her friend’s dad, Darrel, played by Tom Skerritt. Ivy takes Darrel drinking in the woods. It’s one of the best outside up against the car sex scenes in movie history. Through out the movie Barrymore has this sexy, psycho girl look to her and she really takes it to the next level in this scene.
  2. Mad Love (1995). In this one Barrymore plays a crazy young lady named Casey Roberts. The plot centers around the romance of Casey and also crazy Matt Leland (Chris O’Donnell). It’s one of Barrymore’s more sexy love scenes.
  3. Boys on the Side (1994). Barrymore plays Holly another slightly crazy and kind of murderous character. The movie shows her in bed with Matthew McConaughey. She also bares her breast a lot in the film.
  4. The Amy Fisher Story (1993). In this movie Barrymore plays Amy Fisher, a role much similar to the one she played in "Poison Ivy." The sex scene is between her and Joey Buttafuoco. If you look closely enough not only will you see Barrymore’s butt and breast, but a brief peek of her happy area as well.
  5. Guncrazy (1992). This is one of her earlier nude scenes. It’s a very dimly-lit scene in which the only nudity is a brief glimpse of her butt. 
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