5 Best Drinking Games With Cards

Curious about playing the 5 best drinking games with cards? When playing drinking games with cards it is often better to play with a larger group of people to make the games more fun. Most games can be played with two people or more but are the most fun with at least six people.

  1. Black and Red. All you need is a deck of cards and alcohol to play Black and Red. Each person takes a turn to guess whether the next card from the deck will be black or red. If the player is wrong she takes a drink. If the player is right she guesses again until she misses or passes to the next player. In order to pass the player must have guessed at least three correct answers. The next person takes her turn guessing black or red. If she answers incorrectly, she must drink four  times: the three drinks that were passed from the previous player and the drink for the one she missed. If a player answers three correctly, she can make a rule. These rules can be virtually anything, from not being allowed to say a proper name to taking a drink when it is your turn. If a rule is broken, the person who breaks the rule must take a drink. 
  2. High or Low. High or Low is played just like black and red, except the players are guessing whether the next card will be higher or lower than the card before it.
  3. Kings. The rules for playing this drinking game with cards are simple. The first player to receive a king chooses the liquor. The second chooses the mixer. The third either mixes the drink or buys it. The fourth drinks it. The cards are dealt one by one moving in a clockwise motion until all the kings are distributed. 
  4. Queens. When playing this drinking game with cards, the cards have various meanings depending on the version of the game. Spread the cards out as you would in a game of Go Fish. Each person takes their turn by choosing a card. The players then do the task as determined by the card that is chosen. 
  5. Kings and Blood. For this game you need a deck of cards, a cup and alcohol. Place the cup in the middle of the table. Shuffle the cards and put them in a pile. Each player takes turns drawing a card. If you draw a red card, drink twice. If you draw a black card, don't drink. If you draw a king, pour the chosen alcohol into the cup in the amount you desire. If you draw the last king of the stack, you have to drink the entire cup of alcohol. 

These drinking games with cards can be fun and very intoxicating. They should be played with caution and preferably with all drinkers spending the night or having a designated driver. While playing the best drinking games with cards, you never know when you will have to drink or how much. 

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