5 Best Drinking Games

Why are we listing the 5 best drinking games? We need them. Conversations are awkward and boring. Drinking games fill the dark void lingering in our workaday lives. Plus, we want to play with our food. Beer is a form of food, right? Take that mom. Without further tomfoolery—the 5 best drinking games:

  1. Quarters: This game is great because if you are drinking, chances are you already have the materials needed for this game. If you don’t have a quarter, cup, and a table you probably need new friends. The rules are simple, and there are tons of sweet variations. For a lively crowd: speed quarters. For a depressed alcoholic: solo quarters with grain alcohol. It’s fun for the whole family.
  2. Kings Cup: How can this be one of the 5 best drinking games of no one can ever agree on the rules? Actually, the fact that the rules are so varied is exactly what makes this one of the all-time best drinking games. Kings can be tweaked to fit any situation. It’s a game of the mind that can be enjoyed by the whole spectrum of intelligence—from high school dropout delinquents to internet scientists—all can enjoy Kings! It’s a game of variety. Drawing a 9 (bust-a-rhyme) lets you showcase your freestyle rap skills while drawing Jack (never have I ever) may be the only way to find out if that cute brunette is into three-ways. We need Kings—the game with no winners or losers, only drunk people.
  3. Asshole: Asshole is another one of America’s best drinking games. If you’re into bossing your friends around and getting drunk, then this may be the game for you. Do you need to be an asshole to play asshole? No, but it helps.
  4. Flip-Cup: This is by far the best drinking game for a large group of people. All you need is long table and a lot of solo cups. This game requires the minimum amount of cognitive thought and motor skills required to still be considered a sport. It’s so simple your grandmother could play it, and chances are she might, it has been known to happen.
  5. Beer Pong: This is the mother of all drinking games. Nothing screams college more than beer pong, and nothing screams drinking more than college. Some people swear that true beer pong is played with paddles. Nuts to that. This is 2 on 2, cup triangle, throw the ball in the cup action. No other drinking game lets someone assert his or her dominance in a public forum as thoroughly as beer pong.  It’s like 21st century jousting—sink your shot and claim your wenches. Beer pong, Beirut, whatever you want to call it, throwing balls in cups will always be among the 5 best drinking games of all time.



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