5 Best Drug Mafia Movies

Get ready to slag and get made with the 5 best drug Mafia movies. One thing that the five best drug Mafia have in common is that drugs and drug dealing are often just a backdrop to a larger story. In “Goodfellas,” drugs may have been the catalyst to bring down Henry Hill and his Mafia family, but the seeds of destruction were sown way before he became involved with drugs. In “Deep Cover,” drugs provide the reason for Lawrence Fishburn to go under cover, but when you take that away, you have a movie that explores just how fine the line between the good and the bad guys really is. The five best drug Mafia movies may use drugs as a way to fuel the story, but that isn’t what makes these movies awesome; what makes these movies superb is their ability to draw us into the murky underbelly of the underworld and make us fear and admire what we find there.

  1. “Scarface” (1983)- You can’t talk about the five best drug Mafia movies and not talk about "Scarface". It’s the story of small time Cuban hustler"Tony Montoya and his rise from dishwasher to kingpin on the mean streets of 1980s Miami. As Tony Montoya, Al Pacino turned in one of the pivotal performances of his career and gave rappers everywhere something to aspire to.
  2. “New Jack City’ (1991)- For a lot of us that came of age in the 1990s, “New Jack City” was “Scarface” and the “Godfather” all wrapped up in one tidy color blocked, hip-hop tinged package. It makes our list of the five best drug Mafia movies because it took the idea of the Mafia movie and put it in terms that younger people could identify with. Wesley Snipes as the charming and insane Nino Brown was as witty as he was ruthless. This one of our five best drug Mafia movies also pinpoints the exact time and place Ice-T was type cast as the angry cop with a heart of gold.
  3. “American Gangster” (2007)- Before this drug Mafia movie hit, few people knew who Frank Lucas was. From the late 1960s until 1975, Frank Lucas supplied more heroin to the people of New York than anyone at the time had thought to be possible. Frank’s influence eventually rose to surpass that of the Italian Mafia before long. Showing the art of being the silent kingpin is what makes this one of out five best drug Mafia movie.
  4. “Goodfellas” (1990)- This makes our list of the five best Mafia drug movies, because it has it all; it’s the story of how Henry Hill began working his way up the ranks of the Mafia as a young teen, and how his entrance into the drug trade helped to bring him and his Mafia family to the bring of  disaster.
  5. "Deep Cover" (1992)- Not only is this one of the five best drug Mafia movies one of the best performances of Lawrence Fishburn’s career, it also brought the epic talents of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg to the forefront of hip-hop. Lawrence Fishburn plays Russell Stevens, a NYC cop who is recruited to infiltrate a designer drug ring. But the closer he gets to the inner sanctum of his target, the harder it is to tell if he is still one of the good guys.
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