5 Best Dual Graphics Cards

If you want to know the five best dual graphics cards on the market, then you are either an extreme gamer or a professional. The five best dual graphics cards on the market offer extreme graphics capabilities with striking colors, flows, and transitions. These five best dual graphics cards are top of the line and offer all the current amenities. While retailing at quite the pretty penny, dual graphics cards provide the luxury of expansion and can provide the ultimate in support at variable levels. The dual graphics cards can meet the demands of any game and most professional use needs. Read on and learn a little more about the best five dual graphics cards on the market. Bring your anticipation and pocketbook if you want to pursue any of these dual graphic card beasts.

  1. PNY VCQFX5800-PCIE-PB NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800 Graphics Card. This card can provide up to 512-bit graphic scenery projection that will impress even the hardest to please person. It has the ability to process high-level graphics with lightening speed, providing a crisp and pixel free picture. Of course, you need a top of the line monitor to fit all this beauty into one place. Retails for around $3,200.00
  2. nVidia, Quadro FX 3450, 256MB, Dual VGA or DVI, Graphics Card. This card is a step down from the best but the price is as well. This dual graphics card offers a 6GB memory processor and prism color detail. High performance directed to gaming and photography, this beast is a definite buy for those in the market for a quality card at a more reasonable price. Retails for around $1,200.00
  3. ATI AMD Firegl V8650 Graphics Card. Now this baby smokes on the screen and between the sheets. This card offers next generation GDDR4 processor with a back end 4GB memory chip. This dual graphics card provides dynamic colors and flawless transitions. Retails for around $1.200.00
  4. NEC nVIDIA FX 3700 512 MB PCI-E Dual Head DVI-I Video Card. This 512mB PCI plug and play offering from NEXC is the best in their arsenal and one of the top outfitters on the market. Offers smooth lines and seamless refresh making moving within the graphics world transparent. This graphics board is designed specifically for the LCD monitor family but also a great design for LED. Retails for around $1,000.00
  5. XFX Radeon HD 5970 Graphics Card – PCI Express 2.0 X16 – 2 GB GDDR5 SDRAM. Finally, this powerful performance based dual graphics card taking the gaming community by storm. This inter-cooled board provides plenty of back-end refresh memory and support for seamless flows between stations and scenes. This board is simple sweet with PCI interface and plug and play mentality. Retails for around $700.00
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