5 Best Dustin Hoffman Movies

Looking for the 5 best Dustin Hoffman movies? Dustin Hoffman’s movies are always critic and crowd pleasers, but which are among his best work? He has portrayed a wide range of complicated roles, such as a crippled avenue hustler in "Midnight Cowboy," an actor posing as woman in "Tootsie," and an autistic brother in "Rain Man," all of which are among the 5 best Dustin Hoffman films.

  1. "Kramer vs. Kramer" This is one of Dustin Hoffman’s best films. Why? He plays an average Joe in a three-piece suit, trying to figure out how he can be a better father. Audiences were rooting for his character, even when the character was uncertain of how to be a good father or how he failed as a husband. Dustin put so much emotion into this performance that he refused to re-shoot many of the Kramer scenes. Dustin picked up a Best Actor Oscar for this touching 1979 drama.
  2. "Tootsie" This is another movie with Dustin Hoffman at his best. He portrays a out-of-work New York actor who hears of an opening on a popular soap opera needing a female actress and decides to put on a dress and audition. He wins the role and the audience's hearts! This movie is filled with great comic scenes thanks to Dustin Hoffman, along with an A-list cast. Dustin Hoffman won a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination for this 1982 role, making it one of Hoffman’s best.
  3. "The Graduate" This is one of Dustin's earlier films. His portrayal (at 29) of 21-year-old Benjamin Braddock, who is seduced by one of his parent's friends, struck a chord with 1967 audiences. It was a movie for the '60s. Hoffman portrays the role so uncomfortably that we are forced to confess we would act as Benjamin does. Hoffman received an Oscar nomination for his role in this film.
  4. "Midnight Cowboy" Dustin Hoffman’s number-one asset as an actor has always been his dedication to a role. In his role as Ratso Rizzo he becomes what every method actor strives to be. Dustin's performance in this film is recognized as one of the greatest of all time. This is arguably one of the best films Hoffman has ever made.
  5. "Rain Man" "Rain Man" is a 1988 story of a young man, played by Tom Cruise, who regains his compassion through the unexpected love of an autistic brother he never knew he had. Dustin Hoffman plays Cruise's autistic brother, Raymond Babbitt. Hoffman does not play Raymond exactly the way many movies tend to portray special-needs individuals, but the audience falls in love with Raymond for exactly who he is. This is another best film of Hoffman’s, and provided another Oscar for his trophy case.
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