5 Best Eames Lamps

Are you wondering what are the 5 best Eames Lamps? Vintage Eames goose neck and ceiling lighting have simple designs with one or three lights. Floor lamps with three bulbs are hinged and can be pointed in any direction to accentuate an area of the room or serve as a reading lamp. Eames table lamps have a modern design with single bulbs.

  1. Eames Era Retro Tulip Floor Pole Lamp Lighting. The gold base and pole are accentuated by three pink glass tulips held in place by a thin band of gold. Each tulip consists of 12 panels. The three way light measures 17 inches tall, with an eleven inch base.
  2. Eames Mid Century Danish Modern Walnut Floor Lamp. The walnut base is eleven inches in diameter with walnut modern design surrounding the finial. The total height on this floor lamp is 62 inches tall.
  3. Eames Mid Century Modern Lightolier Thurston Floor Lamp. This 1950's lamp stands 64 inches tall.
  4. Eames Mid Century Era Atomic Ceiling Lamp. The ceiling lamp has three hanging cones that can be hung at the same height or varied for visual interest. Black, white and teal cones are 15 inches long, covered by glass disks frosted in the center. Gold accents complete the look of this best Eames lamps.
  5. Eames Mid Mod Beehive Tripod Table Lamp. This single bulb table lamp consists of a shade that is 12.5 inches of red plastic with tripod wood legs. The entire height of this Eames table lamp is 16.5 inches tall.
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