5 Best Eames Replicas

The 5 best Eames replicas include the mandatory chair that make the Eames design team an important part of modern design today. The term "Eames-style" is tossed around in decorating to mean anything mid-century or modern looking. Charles and Ray Eames designed furnishing and accessories are considered classic designs and a host of firms copy these basic designs. Some furniture companies have license to the design and make copies from the exact sketches and Eames plans. The original furniture pieces, although made for everyday living, are now considered museum collectibles and, unless you're really lucky, you'll spend top dollar when you locate a vintage piece of furniture. Copies or replicas usually offer a huge cost in savings, but can also present the same quality workmanship

  1. Lounge chair and leather ottoman. One of the signature pieces, and the most replicated, is the lounge and matching ottoman. Made in classic black leather and tucked into a plywood curved shaped base, the lounge has an extended headrest and a matching ottoman, complete with the curved plywood base. The base of both have a four-foot pedestal. The replicas range in quality, but the best use the exact dimensions and quality leather and stained plywood. 
  2. Plywood lounge chair. More plywood here from the Eames team on this piece. One of the 5 best Eames replicas, the plywood lounge, is heated to bend the wood to make the sleek line that curves in a modern classic. The blonde wood replicas are the best examples. 
  3. Molded plastic side chair. The Eames brothers also worked in molded plastic and the side chair is another quality design piece. The side chair is also one of the 5 best Eames replicas. The chairs come in a variety of styles and have an aluminum base with a network of wires to support the base. This quality design was popular in schools and offices and is one of the easiest pieces to find for vintage buyers. The replicas are difficult to distinguish from the originals. 
  4. Desk, storage and wall units. The Eames desk, bookcases and storage units have multicolored panels in primary colors of red, blue and yellow. The colors were mixed on each piece and held in place with metal braces and shelving. This popular replica is made by several companies. 
  5. Molded plywood folding screen. The molded room screen looks like a wave of wood. The steam-bent wood is also a popular replica. The natural wood screen was sold in natural plywood and the replicas match the color and styling to the last wave. The screen is one of the five best Eames replicas. 


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