5 Best Eames Tables

The five best Eames tables are the fruits of the innovative thinking, artistic vision and design and engineering skills of Charles and Ray Eames. The Eames tables described in this article are based on designs approaching half a century old. Yet, they continue to inspire a new generation of architectural students. 

Charles Eames, Jr. and his wife and business partner, Ray-Bernice Alexandra Kaiser, collaborated to develop new furniture design techniques and concepts. The years prior to their meeting had given each a unique creative perspective; his from a processing, design and engineering viewpoint, and hers from an artistic and creative abstract viewpoint.  

As a fourteen year old high school student, Charles already showed signs of being a motivated individual, working as a part -time laborer at the Laclede Steel Company, where he learned about engineering. What better place to learn about product durability, a trait that has become synonymous with Eames tables. 

Ray Kaiser, a student of abstract expressionist painting, brought a new way of looking at furniture design that is exemplified in how Eames tables function and flow with their craftsmanship.

Though the Eames designs include children’s toys, puzzles, and mid-20th century buildings in Los Angeles, the Eames tables are most widely appreciated. Listed below are five best Eames tables that you may have seen and admired in homes, offices or conference rooms.

  1. Eames molded plywood coffee table. 1946 design year. This Eames table is round in shape and is made of maple plywood molded through the plywood process perfected by the Eameses. It is classic because of its simplicity in design.
  2. Eames elliptical table. 1951 design year. Just as the table name implies, this classic Eames table is elliptical in shape and utilizes a Baltic birch plywood  construction material with wire rod base. The elliptical shape is reminiscent of a surfboard, and this Eames table certainly makes waves.
  3. Eames wire base table. 1950 design year. This Eames table is small in stature (10” in height) but huge in function and design. The table is square in shape with the Eames wire mesh and rod base unique design. The table construction material is Baltic birch.
  4. Eames oval table. 1964 design year. Because this Eames table comes with adjustable glides, it can be outfitted with various table tops. Its overall design makes it a perfect fit as a conference table. It also has a cherry wood finish.
  5. Eames cocktail table. 1964 design year. This Eames cocktail table has understated touches of style displayed in a polished aluminum base with black stem and adjustable foot glides.   

Charles and Ray Eames were design and architectural visionaries who developed processes to make their designs a reality. The five best Eames tables are just a glimpse into the innovative minds of these two people who both brought their own genius to the table.

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