5 Best Easiest Drinking Games

The 5 best easiest drinking games will get you and all your fun-loving friends drunk in no time at all. These are the games you want to get involved in if you want a communal activity together with the promise of insobriety. Remember, your ability to retain friends is based mainly on your ability to be a "fun" person and tolerate some alcohol.

  1. Wuss, Douchebag, Fu**ker. Wuss, Douchebag, Fu**ker is the best easiest drinking game for the simple reason that saying those three words just rolls right off the tongue. This drinking game incorporates the best part of alcohol: the ability to start swearing at people due to increased insobriety. In this game, you begin by looking at another player and calling him a wuss. Said player can then either call another player a wuss, call you a douchebag or call you a fu**ker while looking away from you. The first player who gets any of these steps wrong gets to drink!
  2. Whoville Christmas Drinking Game. The second-best drinking game is also a relatively simple one. All it takes is for you to watch the movie "Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas." All it takes is for you and your alcohol-loving friends to get ready to chug some drinks every time a character in the film says the word "Who!" Though it's only a 30-minute film, you will get plenty of chances to get sloshed.
  3. Trivial Pursuit Drinking Game. All this third-best easiest drinking game takes is the Trivial Pursuit game and some alcohol. You begin by playing the game as normal, but if you get even just one question incorrect, you must start drinking! If you get a question correct, the opposing player or teams have to start chugging. When one player or team wins, the losing player or team has to drink up all the unfinished alcohol.
  4. Jerry Springer Drinking Game. This drinking game is ultra-fun and wild because you will be enjoying episodes of that classy and high-minded staple of daytime TV: "Jerry Springer." There are so many different points at which you can take a sip of alcohol while watching any episode of "Jerry Springer" that you should be getting sloshed quite easily. Here are a couple of instances when to drink: When a fight breaks out and when a prop (weapon) is brought out by a guest.
  5. TV Characters Drinking Game. This drinking game takes the fifth spot on this list of the best easiest drinking games since you can play it with any TV show. All you have to do is agree with your amigos on what character you will be while watching any TV show. For example, when watching "Cheers," you and your friends will each be one of the characters and when only any character appears on screen, whoever plays that character in your group has to keep drinking for as long as that character is on screen. Get ready to get sloshed fast.
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