5 Best Eco Fashion Designers

Here is a list of the top 5 best eco fashion designers, important because the green movement has got to be one of the most pervasive lifestyle trends of the 21st century.  With its growing popularity, more and more fashion designers are “going green” with their clothing.

  1. Edun While the collection won’t be relaunched until May 2010, it would be hard for you to find a more “green” brand. Founded by Ali Hewson and Bono, crusader of the stars, the collection uses certified organic cotton in Africa, in hopes of helping employment in developing countries. Edun also boasts an eco-fashion rock n’ roll vibe with its 100% cotton pieces. Look out for the graphic tees, zippered jackets, and jeans for men.
  2. Von Winckelmann This eco fashion-friendly line is the green movement gone preppy. With offbeat vests, button down shirts, and sweaters, going green has never looked this fashionable. Not only do they offer fashion, but their clothing uses organic cotton and also promotes sustainability. While this designer is based out of the Netherlands, they do have an online store.
  3. Hemp Hoodlamb The designers at Hemp Hoodlamb create their clothing with not just one eco fashion-friendly fabric, but with a blend of them. In addition, they also use biodegradable materials. The collection features multiple hoody styles as well as logo tees and jackets. This designer is also based out of the Netherlands, but is available online. With fans like Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Woody Harrelson, how can you go wrong? 
  4. Babygod This eco fashion collection is for men who want to be “green”, inside and out. Babygod designs men’s organic cotton underwear and tees, in a variety of styles. The line was founded by Robert Green and is available online.
  5. Armed Angels This “green” line is based out of Cologne, Germany. It is a union between ethical fashion and street fashion. The eco fashion designs are provided by local street artists, from which the designers choose. Now, you can even vote on which designs are selected and printed onto their T-shirts. The collection is available in Germany and online!
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