5 Best Eddie Murphy SNL Skits

Remember when Saturday Night Live was still funny with the 5 best Eddie Murphy SNL skits? We know it may be hard for some of you to believe, but there was a time when Eddie Murphy wasn't a make-up happy, family friendly bore. As a regular cast member on SNL in the 80's, Eddie Murphy put together some of the funniest skits in SNL history. Eddie Murphy was so funny back then, that it makes the Disney fodder that he does today seem like we are trapped in an alternate universe. Maybe, if we wish really hard, we can one day have funny Eddie Murphy back.

  1. Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood. We all remember "Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood" when we were kids. The kindly older gentleman in the yellow sweater welcomed us into his home and ushered into a land of make-believe full of talking trains and creepy finger-puppets. Eddie Murphy's SNL skit re-imagined "Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood" as a hilariously vile place where talking trains were replaced by scum-bag landlords and the kindly old gentleman we knew as kids is replaced with someone who may very well be completely insane. Eddie Murphy's Mr. Robinson may not be hugable like the Fred Robinson of youth, but he's the one we want to have our back in a dark alley. 
  2. Velvet Jones School of Technology. They say pimpin' ain't easy, but ho'n ain't hard. As Velvet Jones, Eddie Murphy shows you how to become a high priced ho in six weeks. This SNL skit on the illustrious world of pimps and hoes was way ahead of the comedy curve. Long before mainstream entertainers like Snoop Dogg and Katt Williams brought the dirty glitz of the pimp game into our collective consciousness, Eddie Murphy and SNL made us laugh at the pain of the marginalized criminal element.
  3. James Brown Hot Tub. Yes, Eddie Murphy in a Speedo is a bit disturbing to look at, but his James Brown imitation makes the whole thing worth it. The only thing funnier than Eddie Murphy's James Brown impersonation on SNL is the real video of James Brown getting pulled over–while high–and telling the cop not to arrest him because he is the godfather of soul.
  4. Gumby. When Eddie Murphy put on the Gumby suit, the walking pile of green goo was transformed. He goes from a sweet, lovable creature who lives to have benign adventures to a being who could shove a child down a flight of stairs without batting an eye. 
  5. Buckwheat's Greatest Hits. Buckwheat was one of Eddie Murphy's most popular characters on SNL. He went on to do several different Buckwheat skits through the years, but the infomercial of Buckwheat singing standards is awesome. Once again proving that a bad afro wig and a speech impediment is a recipe for comedy gold.

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