5 Best Electric Foot Massagers

Looking for the 5 best electric foot massagers? After the end of a long and stressful day at work, the feet are the ones that suffers the most, and a good foot massage is needed. Here are 5 electric foot massagers to energize your day. There is nothing more soothing and relaxing than a good foot massage. Use these electric massagers to make a perfect end to a hard day.

  1. The Sharper Image MSG-F110 Shiatsu foot massager is very stimulating. There is no controller to hold; it’s a touch toe controller, so you don’t have to worry about losing your comfortable position. There are six real-finger action, penetrating Shiatsu massage heads that knead down deep and reach those nagging pains. The automatic infrared heat shut-off after fifteen minutes of use will sooth away those aching pains.
  2. The Shiatsu Reflexology foot massager will breathe new life into those tired, aching feet. No need to go to a foot spa, you can have one in your very own home. There are fifteen different massage levels, one more intense than the next and six infrared heat levels giving you even greater comfort. The vibrations and magnetic waves of the massager will travel deep down into the nerves of the foot. Along with the heat therapy treatment, your relief will come even quicker; bringing you to the ultimate comfort level.
  3. Dr. Scholl’s DRMA7802 foot massager gives it to you the way you want it. The hot or cold features allow you to get heat therapy or a cold treatment; you can’t lose with either one. You will have the choice of intense penetrating heat or a relaxing cold massage with vibrating action. Both settings will invigorate and effectively relieve those troublesome pains.
  4. The XTC foot massager will calm that unrelenting pain. Set back, relax and let it go to work. This massager will rejuvenate those tired, worn feet just like a professional masseur would. You can personalize your electric massager to fit the type of massage you need. This massager can be operated with the touch of a toe. With five individual massage settings to choose from and three sets of removable massage heads, you will feel your annoying aches just melt away.
  5. The Conair deep tissue electric foot massager will relieve and restore your feet. This is one electric massager that will definitely ease the agonizing discomfort you are experiencing. It will go where no massager has gone before. This massager will penetrate deep inside the tissue of the foot, where inflammation may be the culprit of your bothersome foot pain. The high or low setting is sure to relax and ease the suffering you may be experiencing.

Whether it’s excruciating pain you are experiencing or mild foot discomfort, they both deserve the attention of a good electric foot massager, and the five listed above will not just restore your feet but revitalize your entire your body.

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