5 Best Electric Penis Pumps

Are you in the market for one of the best electric penis pumps on the market? There are a lot of different brands and types of penis pumps on the market but this list will narrow it down to the top five rated electrical penis pumps as voted on by actual users. Before you use a penis pump you will need to check with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to use them. There can be some side effects and is not recommended for everyone. If you have  a blood disorder or use blood thinners you may not want to use a penis pump as it can be a health risk for you. Also be sure to check yourself after each use. If any discoloration or numbness occurs stop right away and seek medical advice.

  1. Fast Vac. Some results are one to two inches longer and a thicker penis within seven days. It helps to create a longer lasting erection and can aid in erectile dysfunction. This company offers a lifetime guarantee and free shipping around the world.
  2. XL 1000 Deep Throat Maximizer. This penis pump is extremely quiet. Once your about ten feet away you can not hear it, this can come in handy if you do not live alone and want to keep it to yourself. This is one of the most comfortable penis pumps on the market. It has a sucking and throbbing motion that aids in relaxation. 
  3. Robo Suck 2. This machine is very discreet. Is is small so it can be easily concealed. It is very powerful and works well. One thing that people love about this is that it not only is a penis pump but it is also a fun masturbator. 
  4. Megavac Extreme Electrical Penis Pump. This machine is for the no nonsense man. This is meant to get the job done. This machine is big and it is proud. There is no hiding this machine, if you want to keep your pump a secret this is probably not the one for you. but if you want a machine that gets it done this is the one for you. 
  5. Vacu Tech Deluxe. This is an extremely easy machine to work with. It has a gauge to help keep track. There is not a lot of wires or tubes, just the basics here making it easy to use. 
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