5 Best Electronic Albums

Electronica was supposed to be the savior of the music industry during the waning years of the twentieth century, so naming the 5 best electronic albums should be an easy task. As the Internet, streaming video, and cable television systems became the dominant media, music changed also. One thing that never changed was the quality of good material. Anyone who listens to the five albums on this list will be sure to agree.

  1. “Play” -Moby. This album is indisputably one of the five greatest electronic albums of all time. If not necessarily for it’s content but its effect on the global electronic dance music culture at large; “Play” changed the perceptions of what the genre could become. The songs on this album range from house-inspired dance tracks to symphonic compositions and filmic scores.
  2. “Discovery” -Daft Punk. It’s hard not to like this album. At the same time, it’s hard not to deride it for being a commercial hit and the birth of American hip-hop’s love affair with electronica. Still, the boys from France had no intention of selling out when they made this electronic, robotic, fun-filled piece. It will stand out as a slightly off kilter groove basket that suits its creators’ signature sound.
  3. “The K&D Sessions” -Kruder and Dorfmeister. With album cover art reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel’s classic album sessions, the Austrian duo known as Kruder and Dorfmeister positioned themselves for greatness. And they achieved it with this, one of the best electronic albums ever recorded. A mix of digital and analogue sounds, the music creates a sonic environment seldom replicated.
  4. “Commnicate” -Sasha and Digweed. This early sampling from two of the world’s most prominent DJ’s couldn’t begin to hint at the treasures they would collectively release into the world. Forward thinking and yet full of groove, this album calls to mind some of the best musical numbers in any genre. What it does amazingly well is create an aural atmosphere, a distinct sense of place, time and tone.
  5. “George is On” -Deep Dish. Simply put, this is an amazing effort from U.S.-Iranian superstar DJ tandem Sharam and Dubfire, collectively known as Deep Dish. What makes this one of the best electronic albums of the modern age is that it is an entirely original production. DJ’s aren’t always known for creating their own tracks but “Deep Dish” shows that they are more than up to the task. Songs range from heavy four-on-the-floor house, to borrowed breakbeats, masterfully re-imagined. 
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