5 Best Elisha Cuthbert Movies

Elisha Cuthbert displays her growing range in every entry on the list of the five best Elisha Cuthbert movies. Initially known for her sultry roles in comedies, she’s diverged from that path the past few years and shown the world she has what it takes to do serious drama as well.

  1. “Love Actually." Her role is brief, but it’s memorable. Elisha Cuthbert plays Carol-Anne, one of the four sexy roommates who take in Colin, the British bloke traveling to America to find love. When combined with the other three women, Cuthbert’s scenes in this movie make every male pay attention to what is otherwise a decent chick flick.
  2. “Old School." Playing high school jailbait to Luke Wilson's grown-up businessman, this Elisha Cuthbert movie has her sizzling as the flirtatious and promiscuous Darcie. Cuthbert would segue the sexiness she showed in this movie into her feature film breakout, “The Girl Next Door."
  3. “The Quiet." Elisha Cuthbert plays Nina, the daughter of a couple who takes in their godchild Dot, after Dot’s parents die. Nina is cold and vindictive toward Dot in this Elisha Cuthbert movie, doing her best to degrade and humiliate her while keeping her family’s dark secrets at bay. One of Cuthbert’s best dramatic performances to date.
  4. “The Girl Next Door." Ah, the classic tale of boy meets porn star. This movie features Cuthbert as Danielle, an ex-porn star who moves in next door to a dweeby high schooler who’s ignorant of her past. Until one of his friends busts her out, that is, and Danielle’s old producer wants her to return to the biz. By far Cuthbert’s most high-profile role.
  5. “He Was a Quiet Man." Cuthbert plays Christian Slater's love interest. Great story and great acting all the way around for Cuthbert and Slater, who make a quirky couple in what is undoubtedly one of the best Elisha Cuthbert movies.
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