5 Best Eliza Dushku Movies

When choosing the 5 best Eliza Dushku movies, you have to search back to 1992 when she first hit the big screen. She has played roles from a rogue vampire slayer to a high school cheerleader thoughout her career. With both television and movies under her belt, she has a diverse resume.

  1. "Bring It On" Dushku plays high school cheerleader Missy Pantone, who has just moved to a new school. She joins the cheerleading squad because her new school doesn't have a dance team.
  2. "True Lies" Eliza played the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis in this action-packed drama. She went from being a contrary teenager to hanging off the side of a crane in order to help save her parents.
  3. "Wrong Turn" In this best Eliza Dushku movie, she plays one of six friends that get lost in the mountains of West Virginia. They must run for their lives when they realize they are being pursued by cannibals.
  4. "The Alphabet Killer" Eliza's character is a police officer that is driven over the edge in search of a killer. She loses everything, including her fiance, her job and her sanity.  After a stay in a mental hospital, she finds herself searching for the murderer after he kills again.
  5. "Open Graves" This best Eliza Dushku movie takes place in Spain. While there with friends, Dushku's character, Erica, plays a deadly game with her friends. As the rules read, the winner will have her wish come true and each loser will die the way the cards show. The friends play thinking the game is all in fun, until the first loser dies.

Eliza Dushku was once an A-list actress after her role as Missy Pantone in "Bring It On." However, her latest movies have bumped her down to the B-list crowd once again. She has had more success in television than she has had on the big screen.

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