5 Best Elizabeth Hurley Movies

For those of us who are fans, choosing the 5 best Elizabeth Hurley movies is an easy task. Mixing astounding beauty with surprising acting talent, Hurley has starred in a variety of films, from dramas to comedies and romances. Many of her films have received critical acclaim as well. See if you agree with this estimation of the 5 best Elizabeth Hurley movies of all time.

  1. "The Weight of Water." Many consider this 2000 film, in which Hurley plays Adaline Gunne, her best acting work to date. Based on the novel by Anita Shreve, the movie moves back and forth from past to present as a newspaper photographer investigates the murder of two women in 1873. The film also stars Sean Penn and Ciaran Hinds. Some, who are greater fans of Hurley's body than of her acting talent, like this one, because they get a glimpse of her breasts in a brief nude scene.

  1. "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery." Although Hurley doesn't really have a nude scene in this 1997 Mike Myers blockbuster, many fans love the film for the sexual tension and hilarious innuendos between Austin Powers and Hurley's character, Vanessa Kensington. Mimi Rogers has an interesting turn as Hurley's mother, and Robert Wagner and Seth Green deliver memorable performances as well. Hurley is the main reason why many film aficionados choose this as their favorite Austin Powers flick.

  1. "Mad Dogs and Englishmen." Re-released under the title "Shameless" in the United States, this 1995 United Kingdom dramatic film focuses on romance and drug addiction. Hurley's character, Antonia, is a rich heroin addict who engages in an affair with an American motorcycle messenger played by C. Thomas Howell. Other than being notable for the fact that Hurley bares her breasts in a love scene, this film is usually overlooked by critics and the public.

  2. "Aria." This 1987 film from the United Kingdom sets ten short stories to various arias by composers including Vivaldi, Wagner, and Bach. Hurley's segment in this film is entitled "Die tote Stadt" and also features Peter Birch. Many fans remember this film primarily for giving Hurley her first nude scene, in which her bare breasts and bottom are on view for the public's visual consumption.

  1. "Double Whammy." This little-known film from 2001 features Denis Leary as, what else, a police detective, and Hurley as his chiropractor, Dr. Ann Beamer. Of course, romance develops between the two, leading to some sex scenes involving Hurley. Viewers get to see her standing in her bra in one scene, and nude while having sex in another scene. Chris Noth and Steve Buscemi also have memorable roles in this film.



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