5 Best Elizabeth Shue Movies

When thinking of the five best Elisabeth Shue movies, it's important to acknowledge the ubiquitous presence of this golden-haired starlet in the last twenty years of Hollywood. Shue has been a consistently working actress since the mid-eighties, whether acting as the centerpiece of a film or simply providing an anchor as the leading lady. While she doesn't yield the star power of a Sandra Bullock or a Julia Roberts, a brief look at her filmography shows that she is every bit as consistent (not to mention beautiful) as those higher paid stars. Without further ado, here are the top five Elisabeth Shue movies.

  1. "Leaving Las Vegas" No other film could possibly top a list of the five best Elisabeth Shue movies. Though it was Nicolas Cage who received all the accolades for his performance as an alcoholic with a death wish, it is Elisabeth Shue as a golden-hearted but troubled prostitute who glues this film together. While not a movie to watch when depressed, both Cage and Shue put on performances that should not be missed.

  2. "The Saint" Starring Shue and Val Kilmer, "The Saint"  is one of those 90s action flicks that didn't get the credit it deserved. While not a perfect movie by any means, Shue and Kilmer work together to create an exciting, twist-filled film that should have had at least one sequel. Without a doubt, one of the five best Elisabeth Shue movies.

  3. "Adventures In Babysitting" No discussion of the five best Elisabeth Shue movies would be complete without mentioning this 1987 urban romp. Shue plays Chris Parker, a babysitter who gets in over her head when she gathers up her charges and heads for the center of Chicago. Heartwarming and hilarious, movies don't get anymore quintessentially "80s" than this one.

  4. "Cocktail" This movie came out during that interesting point in the 80s when every studio in Hollywood was looking to make their own version of "Top Gun." While no Academy Award winner, the film is a fun look at bartending that came out a generation before "Coyote Ugly." Shue plays Tom Cruise's love interest in this light Jamaican-set drama, which earned its place among the five best Elisabeth Shue movies simply by being what it set out to be: entertaining.

  5. "The Karate Kid" Starring alongside Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita, Elisabeth Shue made her big screen splash with this 1984 "Rocky"-esque drama. While lovers of the film might remember Daniel-san's endless chores for Mr. Miyagi or the big crane kick finale, the movie wouldn't have worked without Shue's perky Alli providing a reason for Daniel to become a better person and embrace his new life in California. A necessary way to round up the five best Elisabeth Shue movies.

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