5 Best Elk Hunting Rifles

What are the 5 best elk hunting rifles? It's hard to pick the best hunting rifles because people tend to have their own ideas of which rifles are better for hunting. There are, however, five types of rifles which are favored by hunters and they are pump action, semi-auto, lever action, bolt action and single shot rifles. The focus of this article will be to try and pick one rifle from each category which can be considered a fair representative of an elk hunting rifle.

  1. Remington Model 7600 This pump action rifle has been a perennial favorite among hunters wanting a light, fast handling rifle which hits hard. The 30/06 caliber is a time tested caliber with loadings capable of taking elk. Together, they make an excellent choice for the elk hunter.
  2. Browning BAR .338 When the knowledgeable hunter thinks of automatic center fire rifles, one of the first names that comes to mind is the Browning BAR. The BAR is a reliable, fast-shooting rifle which comes in loads well-suited for elk hunting. The .338 is one of those calibers; it can be used for any large game on the continent.
  3. Marlin 444 .444 Marlin The Marlin 444 is a strong lever action rifle which shoots a massive round well capable of taking elk at closer ranges. The lever action is favored by those who hunt large animals in thick brush and need a heavy, fast hitting shooting rifle.
  4. Weatherby Mark V .378 Weatherby Magnum The Weatherby Mark V is a world class bolt action rifle in a large, powerful cartridge. The bolt action rifle is favored by those who want a long range, flat shooting accurate rifle. The Weatherby Mark V fills the bill admirably and the .378 will fill your elk tag very well.
  5. Ruger No.1 .300 Win Magnum The Ruger No.1 is an excellent rifle for those who prefer a single shot rifle. It comes in various calibers capable of being used for hunting elk, including the large .300 Win. Magnum. This combination makes a light, easily packed rifle for the hunter who wants a light, accurate rifle.

The hunter looking to hunt elk will find any of the above rifles well-suited to the task. Hopefully there is something on the list which appeals to your personal tastes in rifles because they will do their part if you do yours. Good luck!.  

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