5 Best English Action Movies List

It's hard to pick the 5 best english action movies because there so many great ones. There are a number of English movie directors who put out great action films. This is our list of the best English action movies:

  1. "28 Days Later" (2002, Danny Boyle). Despite the fact that it is not, technically, a zombie movie, 28 Days Later still single-handedly redefined the zombie genre by making the monsters fast and angry instead of slow and plodding. From the opening scene until the jarring ending, this English action film rarely pauses to let you catch your breath.
  2. "Children of Men" (2006, Alfonso Cuarón). This dystopian futuristic tale balances taut action sequences with commentary on xenophobia and visual references to historic events. The newsreel style feels overdone by now, but, it was a fresh mechanism to tell this sort of story at the time the movie was made. 
  3. "Shaun of the Dead (2004, Edgar Wright). When it's funny, it's really funny. When it's scary, it's terrifying. Shaun of the Dead is not just one of the best English action movies, it's one of the best horror/comedies ever.
  4. "Sherlock Holmes" (2009, Guy Ritchie). You could make a list of great English action movies that contains nothing but Guy Ritchie movies. His take on Sherlock Holmes is more ambitious than some of his earlier films, and certainly the most action-packed Holmes adaptation ever made. It will be interesting to see what he does with the sequel.
  5. "Sexy Beast" (2000, Jonathan Glazer). On its surface, it's a typical "one last job" gangster film. However, the bizarreness of some of the supporting characters, along with the exciting and unusual way they pull off the heist, helps to make this one of the best English action movies. Ben Kingsley, as a scary, gun-wielding adult toddler is impossible not to watch. He throws tantrum after violent tantrum, leaving you afraid of what he might do the next time he doesn't get his way.
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