5 Best English Action Movies

The five best English action movies were introduced to movie-goers as far back as 1964 and as recent as 2006. English action movies normally showcase a hero or two fighting against a whole slew of bad guys. There is also, always loads of English humor, wit and sometimes undecipherable slang that makes you stop and scratch your head. All in all though, these five best English action movies won't soon be forgotten by anyone that watches them.

  1. "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" (1998). This English action movie was a sleeper for awhile in the U.S., but once it made its way around to American movie enthusiasts, it became an instant hit. Directed by Guy Ritchie (his first full-length movie), this film starred Jason Statham, Vinnie Jones, Jason Flemyng and Dexter Fletcher. The movie revolves around four blue-collar Englishmen who lose millions in a high stakes card game. They're given a week to come up with the money they owe and the four set out to find ways to get it. Doing so lands them all in even more trouble and it's a miracle they manage to bumble their way out of the mess they've made.
  2. "Snatch" (2000). Two years later, this follow up to "Lock, Stock" was also directed and written by Guy Ritchie, focusing on Britain's seedy underworld dealings. Ritchie hauls in an all-star cast for this one including Brad Pitt, Jason Statham, Benicio Del Toro, Vinnie Jones and Dennis Farina. This five best English action movie showcases a mumbling gypsy/boxer (Pitt), a boxing promoter (Statham) and a motley bunch of other characters who hilariously add to the mix. Keep an eye out for the Russian, the guns and the dog.
  3. "Goldfinger" (1964). This hit 007 movie starred Sean Connery as the great spy, James Bond. "Goldfinger" was not only one of the best English action movies of all time; it was one of the best James Bond movies of all time. Bond must try to thwart Auric Goldfinger from stealing the world's supply of gold from Fort Knox. While chasing him down, Bond runs into the infamous Pussy Galore, one of his arch-villain's evil accomplices. This is also where Connery drives the gleaming silver, gadget-toting Aston Martin in various high-speed chases trying to outmaneuver the enemy. The suave rapport between Connery and his lady friends, as well as with Ms. Moneypenny and "Q" is undeniably the best Bond ever.
  4. "Casino Royale" (2006). In this best English action film we are introduced to our newest James Bond, played by Daniel Craig. Unlike his predecessor, Craig takes on the role similar to the Bond we used to see with Sean Connery. Craig definitely makes this movie with his action packed chase scenes on foot and by car. There are explosions galore too as 007 attempts to stop the enemy, a banker to the world's worst terrorists.
  5. "Children of Men" (2006). Another heart-pounding English action movie of 2006 starred Clive Owen as futuristic activist who must help relocate a pregnant woman to a safe house at sea. Taking place in 2027, the world can no longer experience the miracle of childbirth due to a variety of factors including pollution. Scientists want to help the mother-to-be as well as learn how to save the future of the world through her miraculous pregnancy and childbirth.
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