5 Best English Adventure Movies

Here are the 5 best English adventure movies. English adventure movies, that is movies filmed in or taking place in England, very often involve historical elements. Because English history is brutal, filled with conspiracies and betrayals, movies made about English history are usually filled with action and adventure. Then, of course, there are the Harry Potter movies. These are in a class of their own.

  1. "Harry Potter". Seven "Harry Potter" films have been released to date, with another in the works. These movies are not just for kids. In fact, most of them are just too scary for young children. Based on the best-selling novels by J.K. Rowling, the "Harry Potter" film series has become one of the highest-grossing box office successes of all time, with good reason. Suspend reality and travel to Hogwarts, a school someplace in England that is filled with magic.
  2. "Robin Hood". (2010) Thirteenth century England is the setting for this film which relates the classic story of the people's hero of the title. Russell Crowe plays the lead, as he defends the little guy whose land is being confiscated by the crown. Cate Blanchett also stars in this English adventure movie.
  3. "Excalibur". (1981) Action-filled English adventure movie retelling the classic King Arthur legend. Magic, war, ambushes feature prominently in this flick. Nicol Williamson is the star. The love triangle involving Sir Lancelot and Lady Gwenevere is an important part of the movie.
  4. "Elizabeth". (1998) Cate Blanchett stars as the queen in this historical, action-filled adventure story. The year is 1558. There are conspiracies against the throne, torture and assassinations in this English adventure film.
  5. "Becket". (1964) This is a classic movie that tells the story of a roguish Thomas Becket, played by Richard Burton, and his transformation. In twelfth century England, King Henry appoints Becket as bishop, believing that he will continue to help the debauched and drunken king to continue his wanton ways. Henry is dismayed to find that Becket has a mind of his own and bucks the king because he is following his own conscience. Fascinating story about a man who changes his ways and becomes a saint. Who says history is boring?
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