5 Best Entry Level Mountain Bikes

The 5 best entry level mountain bikes don’t skimp of safety, comfort or durability. Mountain bikes can be very expensive. For those starting out in the sport, it is a good idea to shop around for an affordable mountain bike. These five entry level mountain bikes are easy on the budget and will get you started in the sport.

  1. Schwinn Rocket Disc: A great mountain bike that provides a stable frame to meet the pressures of mountain riding. A wide, comfortable seat makes the ride easier to take. The stock peddles are a great fit and the durable frame makes this a sure buy for the entry level mountain biker.
  2. Raleigh Mohave 8.0: This is a perfect 27 speed entry level mountain bike that will get the entry level rider well on their way. Provides fluid shifting and wonderful terrain management for was of ride and motion. This is a very responsive mountain bike that is nicely priced to keep you into the sport.
  3. Trek 3900 Disc: A basic but incredible entry level mountain bike. Swift gear changing provides for smooth transitions. Sturdily built to meet the needs of the sport and keep the bike on the mountain. Slide resistant peddles keep the rider pushing forward on this entry level mountain bike rider. Provides a great braking system as well, this is a choice mountain bike.
  4. Mongoose Otero Super: Still affordable and specific to the entry level mountain biker, the Otero Super provides a sporty and durable ride. Lightweight framing proves quick and easy to handle. Superior balance and tire tread keeps the bike tight to the mountain. Hit your local mountain bike retailer and take it for a test ride.
  5. Haro Escape Sport: Well built with superior upgrades. The 27 gears with motion shift provides a greater transition and quicker response. Built with lightweight technology for responsiveness and ease of handling, which provides less time switching gears and more time for mountain adventure. The Haro is a beast on the mountain and a perfect fit as an entry level mountain bike. 
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