5 Best Episodes Of ‘The Muppet Show’

It's a classic show, so how do you choose the 5 best episodes of "the Muppet Show"? "The Muppett Show" has had some of the greatest comedians, celebrities, actors and other folks of all time to appear. The story lines of "The Muppet Show" are never too complex, but they're always very funny. Choosing the five best episodes of "The Muppet Show" is really an impossibility. But, for the purposes of your entertainment, here's a very spirited attempt. Here are the five best episodes of "the Muppet Show". 

  1. Steve Martin. The "Muppet Show" is funny enough without the addition of the famous funny man. With Steve Martin involved, it makes the show just that much more funny. You all know just how crazy he can be. He showcases his musical abilities, by playing a banjo. He juggles and even fights a balloon monster. While Steve is doing his thing, the poor Muppets are running around worried about losing their jobs. Hilarious episode.
  2. John Cleese. The infamous British funnyman drops by to wreak havoc on the Muppets. He plays, well himself, as a disgruntled guest. The entire plot revolves around John Cleese hating the show. Check out the skit with Gonzo and his long arms. Ohm and apparently Kermit has managed to knock up Mrs Piggy. Wow! Talk about over the top comedy. And you thought this was a kids show.
  3. Elton John. No explanation needed. Just watch and enjoy. When one of the worlds greatest musicians shows up to hang out with the Muppets, you know the show's going to be funny. Elton John is a clown in his own right anyway.
  4. The Muppet Star Wars. Mark Hamill's evil twin rubs Kermit the wrong way. Imagine a Muppet spoof of the "Star Wars" stories and you'll undertsand exactly why you need to see this particular episode. It's the funniest "Muppet Show" episode ever.
  5. Alice Cooper. Yes, rock god Alice Cooper makes an appearance on the "Muppet Show". What does he do while he's there? Well, for one, he tries to get Kermit to sell his soul to the devil. Yeah, you need to see this episode.
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