5 Best Equestrian Watches

Choosing the five best equestrian watches isn't easy. There are hundreds of watches for men, women and children that feature equestrian themes. Some are embossed with a stylized horse while others feature a photo-like image of a certain breed. Some focus on wild horses while others show horses racing or being used for hunting. Some even feature carousel horses! Other equestrian watches leave out the actual horse and focus on equipment, integrating things such as horseshoes and stirrups into the band or the face of the watch. The five equestrian watches listed here may have lots of company, but  all have something special that sets them apart.

  1. Snaffle Bit Watch. By far the most clever of the "horse equipment" designs. The watch band actually looks like a horse bit. The little round silver watch face adds a bit of elegance to the whimsical design. Fun and functional for under 25 dollars.
  2. Polar Equine S625x.  An "equestrian" watch of an entirely different sort! Yes, there is a "watch" that you wear on your own wrist, but it also measures (with a band around the horse's leg) the horse's heart rate, as well as ambient temperature and altitude. A cool piece of high-tech gear that will set you back about 400 dollars.
  3. Charles Hubert Horse Motif Pocket Watch. For the less "hands-on" equestrian watch enthusiast, this classic and classy pocket watch may fill the bill. There's something very sophisticated about a pocket watch, and the intricate cover design featuring two bridled horses and a horseshoe just adds to the charm. A nice watch for around 100 dollars.
  4. Montana Silversmiths' Running Horses Watch. This American made beauty features a cut-out of silver and gold horse silhouettes on a black band with a classic gold and silver square watch face. A really nice looking watch that captures the feeling of horses running wild through prairie grasses. A unique find for about 150 dollars.  
  5. The Northcote Heavy Horse Watch (six designs). The equestrian watch that gives something back. While these watches may not be the most glamorous on the list, they make great gifts, and you can feel good about wearing them. Some styles are simple and elegant, while others are cartoony and cute. But whichever you choose, you will know that the fifteen or so dollars you spend on each will help supply the needs of retired and handicapped heavy horses.

Whether you are a horse lover, a trail rider, or a bronco buster, an equestrian watch is a great accessory for you (or someone you love). These five equestrian watches represent just a sample of the best that's out there. So if you don't find what you're looking for here, saddle up and ride on! Happy Trails!

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