5 Best Erotic Horror Movies

The 5 best erotic horror movies are interesting because of the way they use contrast. Erotic horror movies generally rely on alternating the seductive and the gruesome. Many films in this sub-genre are low productions, but others are made by top-notch directors, and produced with the utmost artistic skill.

  1. “Antichrist,” which is directed by Lars Von Trier, is the best film that director has ever created. It’s about a couple that suffers a loss, and they go to a cabin in the woods to deal with their pain. While they’re there, horrible things begin to transpire.  The movie has actual hardcore scenes in it, but all the sex is balanced out by absolute emotional and physical brutality. It’s easily one of the most disturbing films ever created, and it’s definitely among the best erotic horror movies in cinematic history.
  2. “Shivers” which was also known as “They Came From Within” is a very early film by the great director David Cronenberg. It’s the best of the erotic horror movies he ever made, and mixing sex and death has always been one of his specialties. The movie deals with a strange epidemic in an apartment building that is turning people into nymphomaniacs, but there are also more sinister consequences.
  3. “Beyond The Darkness” is a film by the Italian director Joe D’ Amato. It manages to deal with everything from necrophilia to incestuous overtones, while delivering tons of blood and guts at the same time. The movie is quite disturbing mixes terror with sex as well as any of the erotic horror movies.
  4. “Delirium” is an insane Italian horror movie directed by Renato Polselli. This film is technically considered a “giallo,” which is an Italian sub-genre that can be very similar to the American “slasher” films. It’s about a crazed serial killer and his incredibly hot wife. Before it ends, we have murder, mayhem, wild plot twists, along with lots of heterosexual and lesbian sex.
  5. “Vampyres: Daughters of Darkness” is one of the best lesbian vampire movies, and it’s definitely the best one in terms of its effective use of eroticism. The film, which is well directed by José Ramón Larraz deals with two vampire women who live in a big house in the woods. They use their stunning looks to lure in traveling men, so that they can murder them and drink their blood.  This has as much sex as any of the erotic horror movies, and two of the hottest women you’re likely to see in this genre. It also has a great story, and it can be genuinely creepy in places.
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