5 Best Erotic Lesbian Movies

Finding the five best erotic lesbian movies is not a task for the guy that has little time on his hands. There are literally thousands and thousands of erotic lesbian titles to choose from. There are sites all over the internet that provide you with lesbian erotic movies. Some sites were created specifically for lesbians by lesbians and showcase very tastefully done erotic lesbian flicks. Though guys have no problem looking through these sites as well, for obvious aesthetically pleasing reasons. Because choosing the best lesbian erotic movie is damn near impossible, the following movies were chosen based on the subject matter and possible story line. As if lesbian erotic movies needed a story line. Here they are, the best lesbian erotic movies.

  1. "Kittens and Cougars 3." You know what the best thing about erotic movies is? The titles. This movie leaves nothing up to chance. You already know what it's about. Older, sexy lesbian women, breaking in the younger hot lesbian women. There's not a guy in the world that doesn't have this particular lesbian fantasy. What's hotter than an older woman teaching a younger girl the tricks of the trade. Go ahead and think about it for a second. Nothing, that's what!
  2. "Lesbian Beauties 6: Latinas." Another relatively self explaining title. This movie is full of beautiful lesbians and they all happen to be Latina. The story lines suck, but who cares? It's four different one on one encounters with some of the most beautiful Latin girls in the porn game. You can stop salivating now.
  3. "The Cat's Meow." It's a four disc set! Its chock full of newbie porn chicks and the legends of the game. Yes, disc three has a scene with the legendary Jenna Jameson and the just as legendary Asia Carrera. This scene alone is worth the price of admission. You'd better by that extra large bottle of lube for this flick.
  4. "Lust." Here's a real surprise. A movie simply entitled "Lust." Makes you wonder what it's about doesn't it? As if there was any question. Well the story line is terrible, just like all porn movies. But, the girls are some of the most beautiful in the industry. Check out Asa Akira. Her scene is the best of the best in this particular lesbian flick.
  5. "Pleasing Kinsey." Too bad Kinsey can't be pleased by a man. There's not a guy on the planet that wouldn't want to try. The movie is all about this chick Kinsey roaming the world finding girls to snack on. The first scene is volcanically hot. Kinsey and her female friend suck on popsicles. Then all out lustful fulfillment ensues. Yum.
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