5 Best Erotic Toys

Looking for the 5 best erotic toys available today? Look no further. We have taken the difficult task of sifting through countless erotic toys and picked out the best just for you.  No need to thank us. It was all our pleasure.

  1. Possibly the best erotic toy on the market ever, the vibrator is still going strong.  Many people mistakenly believe that vibrators are only for those who are incapable of pleasuring their partner or lonely women who keep a pack of batteries in the nightstand. Although that may be the case for some, many couples use this erotic toy to enhance their sexual experiences. With vibrators being improved upon all the time, this erotic toy will be around for a long time.
  2. Automatic masturbator machines are like vibrators for men. These erotic toys take out all the hard work in pleasuring yourself. With a suction pump that you simply slip on and turn on, you can't miss with an automatic masturbator machine.
  3. Nipple teasers are increasing in popularity in the erotic toys world. Nipple teasers come with clamps that provide stimulation to your partner. You will win major points with your girl by pulling these out of your drawer.  
  4. Penis enhancers are a great addition to the erotic toy industry. For those guys who would like to add to their girth and length, a penis enhancer is perfect.  Simply slip on an enhancer and you have instantly added to your size. Don't be confused though. Penis enhancers are not just for guys who are not as blessed as others. This particular erotic toy works for men of every size.
  5. Pleasure swings have been seen in movies for years. The great thing about living in this day and age is you can own your own pleasure swing. Since the swing supports up to four hundred pounds, you can live out that big girl fantasy while enhancing your sex life.

There are countless other erotic toys that are available in shops and online. You can even subscribe to catalogs for the latest in erotic toys. So, jump in and don't be shy!

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