5 Best Eva Green Movies

The 5 best Eva Green movies run the gamut from indie examinations of adolescent sexuality to big budget Hollywood machines. From her debut at 23 in film with such graphic sex it was slapped with an NC17, Green went on to be the woman who broke Bond’s heart and a suicidal artist. Keep reading for her five best films. Be forewarned: spoilers ahead.

  1. "Casino Royale" Green starred opposite blond Bond Daniel Craig in this franchise revitalizer as Vesper Lynd. A thrill of old-school suspense and espionage bordering on the Hitchcockian, “Casino Royale” is a Bond highlight. The film tells the tale of a young Bond’s ascension to an international killing machine, world savoir, womanizer and the woman who broke his heart. Green turns in a tricky and conflicted performance into one of her five best films.
  2. "The Dreamers" Eva Green’s first film is one of her best. Italian master Bertolucci brings a beautiful vitality and youthful energy to an ultimately pointless film about youth, rebellion and sexuality. Green’s portrayal of a young woman searching for her path to adulthood amongst the Parisian student revolution of 1969 is as nuanced and careening as the film's gorgeous cinematography and inimitable direction. While “The Dreamers” doesn’t end up saying anything, the path to its pointlessness is a road worth traveling.
  3. "Franklyn" A British indie Sci-Fi slab of strangeness, “Franklyn” features an Eva Green performance that floats to the farthest reaches of the deep end as the film progresses. As suicidal art student Emilia Bryant, Green puts in a guarded and self-conscious turn that perfectly echoes the stiff, awkwardness of young, self-important artists. When all is said and done, “Franklyn” doesn’t have the scope to follow all of the threads it weaves to conclusion. It has an atmospheric originality that will keep you watching one of Eva Green’s five best films all the way through.
  4. "Kingdom of Heaven" “Kingdom of Heaven” is a crusades epic that had the misfortune of being sandwiched between two of director Ridley Scott’s great films, “Gladiator” and “American Gangster.” The theatrical cut of the film, in which Green plays Middle Eastern Princess Sibylla, is confusing and noisy. The more finely etched director’s cut, available on DVD, is an impressive epic that generously fleshes out Green’s role, allowing us to see the full berth of Sibylla’s descent into madness. In theaters, “Kingdom of Heaven” wasn’t much to write home about. Find Scott’s original cut and you’ll have one of Eva Green’s best films.
  5. "Arsène Lupin" “Lupin” is a light-hearted action romp that plays a bit like a French Guy Ritchie film. The movie follows the titular hero, a French Robin Hood of the nineteenth century who steals from the Parisian upper crust out of a sense of moral indignation. Green plays his romantic interest in a fun a lighthearted turn. “Arsène Lupin” shows us a very different side of an actress who seems to revel in insanity and conflict and let’s us enjoy Green’s talent and beauty without simultaneously fearing her latent madness. “Arsène Lupin” round out our list of the five best Eva Green films.
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