5 Best Evan Rachel Wood Movies

Here are the 5 best Evan Rachel Wood movies. Evan Rachel Wood began her career as a child star. After first auditioning for "Interview with the Vampire" and losing the child vampire role to Kirsten Dunst, Evan moved with her family to Hollywood. It's a move that paid off, as Evan has been a successful, working actress ever since. Here are her 5 best movies.

  1. "Practical Magic" "Practical Magic" was the first movie that Evan Rachel Wood did. It is also her best. She played Kylie Owens, the daughter of Sally Owens (played by Sandra Bullock) and niece of Gillian Owens (played by Nicole Kidman). It's a hilarious yet deeply touching movie about the bonds of sisterhood and what unconditional love is all about. Yeah, the sisters just so happen to be witches as well.
  2. "Across the Universe" "Across the Universe" is a movie musical featuring the actors singing all Beatles songs. If that sounds like the makings of a great movie, it is. Evan Rachel Wood shines in her role as Lucy Carrigan, a girl from an upper-class family during the Vietnam War. She finds love, but it's more of a challenge than she expects. The strong acting and great music make this movie worth seeing.
  3. "The Life Before Her Eyes" "The Life Before Her Eyes" is an eye-opening movie. It's a story about what happens to two girls' lives and their futures when confronted with a high school shooter. It's an intricate story, and it shouldn't be spoiled with too much summary. It's an extremely important and relevant film, and it's extremely timely. Evan Rachel Wood plays the lead character, Diana, when she was in high school.
  4. "Thirteen" "Thirteen" is a film that's hard to watch, yet it's one that's important to see. It stars Evan Rachel Wood and Holly Hunter. It was made early in her career, and Evan Rachel Wood portrays a troubled thirteen-year-old. It was a bit controversial upon its release, as it shows the young girl becoming immersed in grown-up indulgences like sex and drugs. Her self-destruction is evident, too. It's also a film about the bond between a mother and daughter.
  5. "Running with Scissors" "Running with Scissors" is an incredible true story. Evan Rachel Wood portrays Natalie Finch, the daughter of an eccentric doctor who takes in a young man from a troubled home. However, how much the strange doctor is able to help others is debatable. Evan gives a strong performance as a young girl who is trying to come to terms with the insanity that life can hold.
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