5 Best Exercises For MMA Circuit Training

MMA is becoming one of the most popular forms of martial arts completions, and many new enthusiasts want to know the 5 best exercises for MMA circuit training. These circuit exercises, if done correctly and in conjunction with one another, will improve all of the aspects of your physique that are necessary for successful MMA fighting! Most of the exercises involve a punching bag so you will want to invest in one to exercise successfully.

  1. The first exercise will be a punching drill. You do this drill by punching the punching bag repeatedly. The first thing you want to do is develop a rhythm at a pace that will not tire you out to fast. The first time you want to do this you want to time yourself and see how many punches you do in one minute, and this will be how your track your progress. Be sure to alternate between jabs, crosses, uppercuts etc.; remember to do the form correctly!
  2. The next exercise is another upper body workout, but it is more focused on strength than agility and technique. For this exercise, you want to punch the punching bag with more strength than the last exercise. After you do, stop the punching bag from flying back by grabbing it and stopping it from moving. Do this drill once again at a rhythm that won’t wear you out to fast and making sure to alternate punches.
  3. Now you want to work out your core for MMA circuit training. One of the most efficient ways to work out your core is to do crunches and leg lifts. Crunches are done by laying back down on the floor and put your hands up in the air and reach for the sky! These work your upper abs. Leg lifts are done by sitting back down of the floor again and picking your legs up all the way and then lowering then until they are almost touching the ground, this will work out your lower abs.
  4. Next you will work on footwork for MMA circuit training. You can do this by simply taking two or three steps between each punch and keep focus on the bag. Make sure to throw in some jabs, uppercuts, and when you’re ready, start kicking!
  5. The next and final MMA circuit training workout is a rapid leg workout. To do this follows the pattern of the first exercise but with legs, making sure to get a comfortable rhythm and to alternate kicks.
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