5 Best Exotic Car Colors

If you're looking to remake your entire automobile's image, then you're going to need to know the 5 best exotic car colors. Fantasy and concept cars are on the forefront of automotive design, but they're nothing without that special paint job. Make your ride shout as you drive down the street with these best exotic car colors.

  1. Bright red. The de facto choice when considering the best exotic car colors, a violent red will exude a sense of danger about your ride. They say that red cars get more tickets and seem to go faster—let everyone know your thirst for speed and adrenaline with this eye-popping paint job.
  2. Electric blue. A color that looks best when you're screaming down the highway on a bright day; giving your ride an bright cerulean paint job will literally make the traffic jump out of your way.
  3. Toxic green. This is one of the best exotic car colors because it's one of the most off-beat. Make yourself stand out from the rest of the crowd by dousing your ride with a bright emerald tinge.
  4. Hornet yellow. Again, another avant garde color that is as loud as it is rare. Yellow is the choice of most European sports cars; choosing this for your next paint job will exude a sense of worldliness while showing everyone that you're a thrill seeker.
  5. Midnight black. Nothing is more sophisticated than a black car rolling up to a popular venue at night. This is one of the best exotic car colors for its simple subtlety—you're showcasing your impeccable taste in automobiles without shoving it down everyone's throats. Show off your sense of style while exercising restraint by giving your next ride a slick black sheen.

A car isn't complete unless it has one of the best exotic car colors. These tints and hues separate the normal, everyday automobiles from the rides that should be featured in the pages of the latest trade magazine. By choosing one of these exotic car colors, you're making a commitment to enter a completely different lifestyle—one that understands that a man is completely and utterly defined by the ride that he arrives in.

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