5 Best External Graphics Cards Laptops

If you want better graphics on your laptop, learn about the five best external graphics cards for laptops. If you have an older laptop, getting an external graphics card can make the quality of your videos and games better. External graphics cards for laptops come in two options. You can get a USB external graphics card or you can get a PCI external graphics card. The difference is that USB external graphics card can be inserted into a serial port on your laptop. A PCI external graphics card is made for your desktop PC, but if you are proficient in computer hardware you could adapt it to your laptop.

  1. Sabrent USB-DH88 Graphics adapter. This best external graphics card is easy to install and comes with its own installation disk. The Sabrent USB DH-88 graphics adapter is the best external graphics card for you if you want to connect multiple sources of media without losing video quality. This is not the best external graphics card for games.
  2.  VGA External Monitor Video Adapter. This best external graphics card for laptops is cost effective and can also be used for your desktop. The USB video adapter can be used with up to four video adapters to create VGA connections. You can be use the VGA graphics card to extend or mirror the desktop shown on the existing display.
  3. IOGEAR USB 2.0. This best external graphics card provides a high resolution DVI.The IOGEAR external graphics card plugs into your laptop's  USB 2.0 port. All you have to do is download the driver and plug the adapter. You can also extend your desktop across both displays without another power supply, if you have two monitors. This best graphics card is compatible with Windows Operating Systems.
  4. Matrox TRIPLEHEAD2GO External Graphics Card. This best external graphics card can be used on your laptop if you use Windows Vista or Windows XP. You can add up to three additional monitors to your laptop. The Matrox TRIPLEHEAD2G0 external graphics card is ideal for the professional who needs more space on their desktop.
  5. DVI UDA 200 USB 2.0 External Graphics Card. The CVI USB External graphics card allows you to attach additional displays to PC or laptop without dismantaling your computer . You can use primary,  extended, mirror and rotation modes. The DVI UDA 200 is the best graphics card  allows you to display the best graphics using compression. 
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