5 Best ‘Family Guy’ Episodes Ever

If you have missed out on any "Family Guy" episodes ever, you can learn about the five best "Family Guy" episodes. If you are a "Family Guy" fan, make sure you have seem the best episodes. Here are the five best Family Guy episodes listed randomly:

  1. "You May Now Kiss the….Uhhhhh…Guy who receives." In this best "Family Guy" episode, Brian's gay cousin visits the Griffens and wants to be married to his partner. The Mayor prohibits gay marriage as a distraction from his own political scandal. Brain becomes politically active in an attempt to convince the mayor to allow his cousin and partner to get married. When usual campaigning methods are not effective for Brian, he kidnaps the mayor and holds him hostage. This best "Family Guy" episode is episode 25 from season four.
  2. "Petarted." Peter takes and IQ test in this best "Family Guy" episode because he thinks he is a genius after winning a game of Trivial Pursuit (which Lois fixed to let Peter win). In actuality, Peter is declared "retarded" after taking the IQ test. The episode progresses and Peter accidently injures Lois and loses custody of the children. This best "Family Guy" episode is episode six from season four.
  3. "Lois Kills Stewie." This best "Family Guy" episode is the second episode in the series. After Lois regains her memory after Stewie attempted to murder her. Lois convinces everyone that Stewie is evil and how she was saved by a merman. Stewie escapes to the CIA and tries to demands to be "President of the World." This best "Family Guy" is episode four of season six. 
  4. "Brian Does Hollywood." This best "Family Guy" episode is the second episode in season three. Brian decides to move to California to pursue his dream of writing and directing movies. The only movies that  Brian can make in this "Family Guy" episode are essentially pornographic. Because of this, he refuses to let the Griffens visit him. Brian receives an award for his adult films and he ends up going home with the Griffens.
  5. "Airport '07." This best "Family Guy" episode centers around Peter trying to help Quagmire get his pilot job back (which was of course Peter's fault that Quagmire lost it in the first place). Peter stole fuel from the airplane in order to make his car fly and the plane Quagmire was flying crashed. Quagmire eventually gets his job back after he instructs peter how to help land a plane. This best "Family Guy" episode is episode twelve from season five.
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