5 Best Famke Janssen Movies

So you want to watch some Famke Janssen movies, but not just any Famke Janssen movies will do: you want to know the five best Famke Janssen movies. Luckily for you, we have put together Famke Janssen's best movies into a handy-dandy list for you to peruse.

  1. "Goldeneye." Pierce Brosnans' first outing as "Bond, James Bond" in 1995 also gave many people their first look at Famke Janssen, who plays femme fatale Xenia Onatopp, the kind of girl who doesn't just enjoy gunning down a room full of innocent Russian computer experts, she almost gets orgasms from it. "Goldeneye" was a commercial and critical hit, establishing itself as one of the best Famke Janssen movies. Most of the acclaim goes to Brosnan's debut as Bond, but Owen Gleiberman from Entertainment Weekly gives props to Famke: "I don't know whether the Bond series has a future, but if Xenia Onatopp ever returns to try for world domination, he may finally get a battle worth fighting."
  2. "X2." No list of the best Famke Janssen movies would be complete without the second entry in the "X-Men" series released in 2003. Famke plays the psychic mutant Jean Grey, one of the most powerful and important members of the superhero force. While dudes all over the world have debated whether Famke's Jean Grey looks better with the longer locks in the other "X-Men" movies or the cropped cut she sports here, one thing's for sure: Famke gets to play a more pivotal role in "X2," and becomes a game-changing factor in the end.
  3. "Deep Rising." This creature feature didn't fare too well at the box office (or with critics) when it first hit theaters in 1998, but time has allowed it to accumulate a kind of cult following. Famke plays a jewel thief stranded aboard a deserted luxury liner with a ragtag group of mercenaries that must escape from a giant tentacled-beast that already ate the rest of the crew. If gory "Tremors"-esque monster flicks are your thing, maybe "Deep Rising" is the best Famke Janssen movie for you.
  4. "Taken." Famke's part in the acclaimed 2009 Liam Neeson revenge thriller may be small, but it's a memorable one: Famke plays Lenore, Neeson's on-screen ex-wife, who guilt-trips Neeson's character into letting their daughter go on a trip to Europe. Of course, the girl gets kidnapped, and an enraged Neeson takes matters into his own hands, setting up a revenge-thrilled romp that would make Charles Bronson proud. Does Famke get too little screen time to warrant "Taken"as one of the best Famke Janssen movies? It's arguable, but considering its popularity and success, "Taken" is certainly a good movie period.
  5. "Turn the River." This 2007 drama features Famke in one of her few front-and-center starring roles, and it's a doozy: Famke plays Kailey, a pool hustler who uses her skills at pool to raise money to smuggle herself and her son away from her ex-husband and into Canada. "Turn the River" was critically acclaimed and earned Famke the Special Jury Best Actress Prize at the Hamptons International Film Festival, clearly making "Turn the River" a candidate for best Famke Janssen movie. Turns out Famke's not just a pretty face: she can (gasp!) act, too.




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