5 Best Fast-Paced Hockey Drills

These 5 best fast-paced hockey drills will keep any player in constant activity. Fast-paced hockey drills are perfect for conditioning and honing skill. Fast-paced hockey drills are about speed and precision. These five fast-paced hockey drills are some of the sport's best. This article will highlight these five fast-paced hockey drills and provide a backdrop for moving them to the ice. Fast-paced hockey drills will keep the offense and defense on their toes, mimicking real game scenarios. Fast-paced hockey drills will also tighten up skills, such as passing and shooting. Check into these drills, try them at your next practice and decide for yourself.

  1. Top shelf shooting: In this drill, you will line up any number of pucks you like, evenly spaced across the ice. The motion here is to start with the first puck and perform a slap shot to the upper shelf of the net. There is no goalie, strictly fast paced, continuous shooting. Sprinkle in laps for misses if you like for increased conditioning training.
  2. Stick over puck: This drill works puck control and stick positioning. Run players the length of the ice, placing the stick on one side of the puck, and as the player races down the ice, the alternate sides. The motion here should be to move the puck back and forth in rapid succession without losing control or slowing the stick’s movement.
  3. Continuous flow: Players line up in two rows on either side of the ice. Each line passes back and forth with some puck control as they move down ice. The last player passes across ice to the opposing line. The pairs will work the opposite direction to receive the cross-ice pass at the end of the lines.
  4. Rapid transition three versus one: This drill works speed, precision passing and control. One player starts across the ice, controlling a puck. As he approaches the blue line, he will release a pass to the corner and receive on from the opposite corner. He will receive and provide one time. Players cycle on a continuous flow, each skating at a top speed.
  5. Shuffle and shoot drill: This drill takes the shooter and defense-man on a lateral flight. Each player must remain square, keeping their eyes on the puck. Shooter will shoot at will, and the defense-man must stop each shot. This can be done around the entire open net area.
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