5 Best Fast Paintball Guns

 Speed has become a staple in the sport of paintball, so here's a list of the 5 best fast paintball guns to make sure you're prepared. These guns are speedy and stylish at the same time, so there's no reason your mark shouldn't be splattered with paint in seconds.

  1. Invert Mini. The invert mini may be a tad smaller than most guns, but it makes up for it with its medium price, high end, and most of all, speed. The low weight gives the player a high advantage in any situation.

  2. Smart Parts Vibe. The smart parts vibe is a relatively cheap gun, but it should still be able to hold its own against any other. It's an electropneumatic paintball gun that's fast and performs well. Great for starters who're trying to find their own style.

  3. Planet Eclipse Ego. A more expensive paintball gun for the hardcore players. This gun is favored for its accuracy, speed and efficiency. It's worth the price and can make anyone the center of attention in a match. There's also no shortage of upgrades for speed, accuracy or grip for this paintball gun

  4. Spyder Victor. The Spyder Victor is more of a basic paintball guns, with a ton of upgrades for speed and accuracy. Great for beginners or pros alike. Its design allows great performance for both woods or speedball courses.

  5. Dangerous Power Fusion. This is a cheaper gun for the pros. It's slightly heavier than most paintball guns, but the speed of it makes it one of the fastest paintball guns out there. Heavily favored for tournaments.

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