5 Best FDA Approved Penis Pumps

Here are the 5 best FDA approved penis pumps. Penis pumps have risen in popularity over the recent years. This non-surgical method of treating erectile dysfunction is an excellent way to regain sexual performance. While there are many penis pumps on the market it is very important to use one that is FDA approved to prevent injury. These five FDA approved penis pumps are the best on the market.

  1. The Andro Penis: This FDA approved penis pump is designed to assist those suffering with Peyronie's disease, penile curvature, and erectile dysfunction. This device also claims to add up to four centimeters of length and one centimeter of girth. The Andro Penis is worn four to nine hours each day over a non erect penis. This product comes with the disclaimer that diabetics must get physician approval prior to using this product.

  2. The Original Enlargement Pump by Dr. Joel Kaplan: This product on the list of the five best FDA approved penis pumps is designed to lengthen and thicken the penis. This penis pump also assists with curvature issues. Those who deal with premature ejaculation wil find this product helpful. There are a wide variety of features included with this product including an air pressure gauge which allows the user to monitor the amount of pressure being applied.This can assist with the typical discomfort associated with penis pumps.

  3. Rejoyn Penis Pump Pos-T-Vac: When purchasing one of the five best FDA approved penis pumps the Rejoyn Penis pump is one of the most popular. While this system features all of the normal components of a penis pump, it also includes four multiple size support rings and a four ounce tube of lubricating jelly. This pump is very effective in treating erective dysfunction as well as penis curvature.

  4. Osbon Erecaid Automatic Esteem System: This penis pump boasts being the number one doctor recommended pump. This pump is slightly angled which makes one hand usage easier. This pump on the list of five best penis pumps also comes with four different ring sizes. It also comes with an instructional DVD to ensure proper usage.

  5. ErecAid Impotence Penis Pump Kit: For those who need immediate results, this penis pump is a great choice. Not only does this penis pump prvide immediate erection but it is also covered by most insurance. This pump also includes an instruction video as well as three ring sizes. For those who need an immediate result this is a great option on the list of the five best FDA approved penis pumps.

When purchasing an FDA approved penis pump there are several options that need to be considered. The various ring sizes as well as the shape of the barrel are major considerations. While penis pumps that are not FDA approved may be cheaper, safety is always one of the most important considerations when using a penis pump.

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