5 Best Feeling Condoms

To get the most pleasure while being protected try one of these five best feeling condoms. If you think condoms inhibit your sexual experience, then you will be pleasantly surprised when you try these condoms. Not only do these condoms feel natural, they also add pleasure to sex. Get ready for some amazing sex when your wearing one of these five best feeling condoms.

  1. Durex Tropical Condom. Try one of these best feeling to add some spice to your sex life. They come in a variety of fruit scents including banana, strawberry, and orange. The tropical scents add a delicious and unique smell to the sexual experience. The colors of these condoms go along with the scent of the condom.
  2. Durex Love Condom. The extra lubricant in this condom ensures that guy won't feel like he's choking his penis when he puts one of these on. Men also like this condom, because it unrolls very easily. Since it has a contour shape this best feeling condom has plenty of room for the head of the penis to fit in comfortably.
  3. Lifestyles SKYN Condom. Since it is made out of a material called polyisoprene, this condom is perfect for people who suffer from latex allergies. The FDA approves this condom for both pregnancy protection and protection against STDs. Both men and women love that this condom transfers heat better than normal latex condoms.
  4. Lifestyles Shear Pleasure Condom. Lifestyles is known for making great condoms and this one lives up to their reputation. The light bulb shape of this condom gives a women shear pleasure when it rubs inside her. Men like this condom, because when they are wearing it the head of their penis has a lot of room. Men also like the fact that it is thin so they can feel every sensation inside their woman.
  5. Durex Her Sensation. Women love this best feeling condom, because it has many raised bumps on it. Men like it because of the extra head room it gives. The extra lubricate in it makes it easy to slide on and off and also gives the man some extra sensation.
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