5 Best Female Asian Bodies

Singling out the 5 best female Asian bodies in the sea of beauty that is women of Eastern descent is a near impossible feat. It's like finding a diamond in a pile of, well, diamonds. Some of the most beautiful women in all of the world have origins in Asian countries. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. So here it goes, the five best female Asian bodies. Guys, get your bibs ready.   

  1. Miki Ando. This extremely athletic beauty is a Japanese figure skating phenom. Miki Ando is one of the few reasons to watch figure skating in the first place. She's considered to be one of the top five figure skaters in all of the world. She's the only female skater ever to successfully pull of a quadruple jump in competition. Why does she have one of the best female Asian bodies? Check out those power thighs and equally beautiful calf muscles. Lets not forget those gorgeous dancers hips. They make you want to pick up some ice skates, don't they?   
  2. Zhang Ziyi. She's a dancer turned kick ass actress. Best known for her roles in "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" and "Rush Hour 2", this gorgeous scene stealer has the perfect shape. Her flawless Asian body is the perfect blend of beauty, power, and flexibility. Not someone you'd want to challenge to a wrestling match… Or maybe you would.
  3. Iyo Hanaki, There are two words that describe her: hourglass incarnate. We need to invent a new word to describe how hot this woman is. She has one of the most well known Asian bodies in the East. It's hard not to drool over and even harder not to stare at this famous glamour girl model from Japan. She's got thick thighs, muscular calves, a sexy midsection, perfect breasts and a booty that simply defies gravity. Wow… Just wow!
  4. Marian Gracia Rivera. This girl's so fine she makes guys want to propose and makes girls hit the gym. She's a famous Filipina soap opera star and commercial model. The only word that can come close to describing her is hypnotic. You just can't take your eyes off her. You could literally waste away your day watching her on the screen or looking at her pictures. She's got this incredibly small waist line, a firm stomach, and beautiful legs. Her breasts and bubble butt are unrivaled. Her beautiful Asian body is the proof oh the existence of a higher power.    
  5. Lucy Liu. Easily the hottest of all of "Charlie's Angels", this Asian bombshell is the stuff dreams are made of. Lucy Liu's beauty is unparalleled. All of 5' 3" tall, she proves that ultimately alluring, talented goddess like things come in small packages. Her body is a work of art. She owns  some of the most beautifully sculpted legs and hips on the silver screen. Her butt has it's own gravitational pull. Try and look at it and see if you can pull your eyes away. Follow the trail from her perfect stomach to those perky breasts, all the way to the perfect neck and shoulder line. You'll end up at a simply flawless face equipped with the most piercing eyes and beautiful lips. Simply her image on screen is enough for boys to fall in love. She definitely possesses one of the most beautiful Asian bodies in the game today.
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