5 Best Female Legs In Movies

Looking for the 5 best female legs in movies? The Hollywood way of life is maintaining a great body and keeping that sex appeal up; as we all know, sex sells and having a great pair of legs in a movie is a sure way to get ratings up. Here is a quick look at five of the best female legs in movies.

  1. Megan Fox– Best known for her role in "Transformers," she has the best legs in movies loved by both men and admired by women. Aside from the "Transformers" series being great movies, she is probably the other reason why people where lining up to see "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" over the summer.
  2. Jennifer Aniston– From her major start as Rachel Green in "Friends," Aniston has consistently stayed relevant in Hollywood because of her well maintained looks, body of perfection and not to forget, her to die for gorgeous legs.
  3. Jessica Alba – You can always see her wearing tight costumes in various roles including her role as Invisible Woman in "Fantastic Four" and that can be contributed to the amazing pair of legs she has on her.
  4. Keira Knightley – Knightley, born in London and started her career as a child star, has risen up the Hollywood ranks and quickly become one of Hollywood’s hottest stars with a great pair of assets on her, her legs. Long, lean and sexy is a quick way to describe the "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Pride and Prejudice" star’s legs.
  5. Cameron Diaz –You have to have some serious legs to kick ass in "Charlie’s Angels" and to keep up with Tom Cruise in "Knight and Day," exactly what Diaz has on her: athletic and beautiful legs.
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