5 Best Female Marathon Runners

These are the 5 best female marathon runners. It takes years of diet and training to become the best at any sport and marathon running is no different. Running marathons takes devotion and all of these ladies have devoted their lives to racing. This is what has made each of them the best at what they do.

  1. Joan Benoit Samuelson Joan Benoit Samuelson is considered the greatest female marathoner of the twentieth century. She broke the female course record for the Boston marathon in 1979. She won a gold medal in the 1984 Olympics as part of the United States team. Joan Benoit Samuelson is one of the five best female marathon runners.
  2. Deena Kastor Deena Kastor is one of the five best female marathon runners in the world. She won the Olympic bronze medal in 2004. She won the United States Olympic trials in 2008, but had to pull out of the marathon race because of stomach problems. Deena Kastor continues to break her own American record in the marathon.
  3. Paula Radcliffe She has the record for the three fastest marathons by women. She is one of the best all-time runners in the world. Paula Radcliffe has never won a medal in the Olympics, but she has won numerous awards during her illustrious career. Even though she has two children, Paula Radcliffe still plans to race in future marathons.
  4. Naoko Takahashi Naoko Takahashi is one of the five best female marathon runners in the world. She won the gold medal in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. She is the current Olympic record holder for the fastest time running a marathon in the Olympic Games. Naoko Takahashi is the best Japanese female marathon runner.
  5. Sun Yingjie Sun Yingjie is a Chinese female marathon runner. She earned prominence by earning two gold medals in the 2002 Asian games. She has finished her best races in Asia. She was banned from racing for two years for doping even though it was proven her drink was spiked by another runner.
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