5 Best Female Punk Singers

The 5 best female punk singers rock hard and rock well. Whether you are a fan of their music or a fan of their attitudes, each one of these punk singers is worth learning more about.

  1. Fefe Dobson. One of five best female punk singers, 24-year-old Felicia "Fefe" Dobson came onto the music scene in 2003. Her career quickly took off and she opened for Justin Timberlake's European tour and won two Juno Award nominations for New Artist of the Year and Pop Album of the Year. Even though she has pop laced in her music, you will quickly realize that she is a definite punk girl.
  2. Nina Hagen. She was one of the best female punk singers in the 80's and many singers have used her as an influence on their music. Born in Germany, Nina Hagen still sings today and also has a rising film career.
  3. Kat Bjelland. Lead vocalist for the band "Babes in Toyland," Kate Bjelland is one of the best female punk singers. From the 1980's to the present, she has been in other punk bands such as "Pagan Babies" and "Katastrophy Wife."
  4. Kathleen Hanna. Another one of the five best female punk singers is Kathleen Hanna, lead vocalist for "Bikini Kill" and "Le Tigre." In addition to being a great vocalist, she is also a photographer and a feminist.
  5. Poly Styrene. The lead vocalist for "X-Ray Spex," Poly Styrene cannot be forgotten as one of the five best female punk singers. In 1976, she put an ad in a London paper with a catchy phrase and her band was soon formed. She is still in the music business today punking her heart out.
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